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Our Commitment

Environment and Wellbeing Committee

Our Role

To encourage, inspire and support small positive behaviour changes in us all, so collectively our little efforts add up to make a big difference to our impact on climate change.

We aim to influence positive, realistic, and accessible behaviour change within Marlow Town Council, Marlow, and our residents.  Because we believe in a friendlier and kinder Marlow where residents, local nature and the planet thrive harmoniously.  However only by partnering with local green groups and activating residents can we create the change we all want to see.

Meaningful change is only possible by:

1.MTC leading and embracing positive change 

2.Working with local green groups to enable and amplify their efforts and initiatives

3.Educating and inspiring change in our residents

Our definitions

Environment to MTC means improving, maintaining and/or enhancing how we manage and physically interact with and within our town including but not limited to nature, green spaces, individual and household impact and behaviours that have a negative impact on the planet.  Wellbeing refers to the mental and physical health of our community and the actions we take to get brains and bodies active, smiling and inspired whether for a moment, a day, or every day.

How we work

Align with at least one area of focus to promote positive and realistic behaviour change via awareness, education, inspiration, and action with behaviour changes that are easily adopted and accessible to most residents.

Use collective expertise, advice, and guidance to support joint projects, as well as support and promote green group efforts.  We aspire to bring the many local green groups together to form a larger green collective, so we can all move forward positively without ego’s, assumptions, or attitudes to poll resources, enable initiatives and amplify each other’s efforts on a larger more effective and efficient scale.    

Areas of Focus

Marlow Town Council is working on/working towards, in partnership with local green groups where appropriate:

Biodiversity and Nature

Support, improve, and protect plant, wildflower, insect, and animal habitats and encourage residents to connect with and care for nature

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Active Travel

Promote the benefits of walking/biking/scooting to school or town, find ways to make it a more positive/enjoyable/accessible experience and encourage resident to choose active travel over driving

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Recycle, Reuse and Refill

Promote more sustainable living behaviours and habits regarding single-use plastics, recycling, and water/electricity consumption and encourage reusing/repairing products, refilling over buying new

Spark Moments of Joy

Create positive experiences/interactions for residents to foster good vibes and community spirit through art, music and new ways of connecting

Support Schools & Local Green Groups

Amplify initiatives from schools and green groups, and empower students to educate residents