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Hosepipe Ban – Important Information for our plot holders

Thames Water have made a change to their restrictions as per below

We’ve received a number of helpful comments and queries since we first announced the restrictions. As a result, we’ve made changes which mean you can:

  • Use a hosepipe on an allotment – but not in a garden – to water food being grown there, where essential

The Town Council manages two allotment sites – Foxes Piece and Hanging Hill.

Foxes Piece is in the eastern area of Marlow
Hanging Hill is in the northern area of Marlow

If you are interested in growing your own vegetables & fruit, you may want to consider taking on an allotment. It’s a great way to produce your own food, get some fresh air and enjoy meeting new people.

Only Marlow residents are eligible for an allotment and the current tenancy fee is £6.70 per pole. All new plots are approximately 5 pole (100 sqm) in size and rented to tenants on an annual basis. Our allotment sites are fully tenanted at present, but you are welcome to join our waiting list.

If you would like to find out more about our allotments or join the waiting list, please contact the Town Council by email: or on 01628 484 024. Once you reach the top of the waiting list, we will contact you to view the available plot and decide whether you wish to take it on.

The Marlow Allotments Association works with the Council to maintain the Council’s sites and provide advice to tenants. Visit the Marlow Allotments Association page to find out more.

Tenants must abide by the Allotment Rules & Regulations which can be found by clicking on the link below.

Marlow Town Councils Allotment Rules and Regulations

Allotment Competition 2019