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Wethered Road, Marlow SL7 3TZ

The beautiful Cemetery in Wethered Road is run and maintained to a high standard by the Town Council.  A limited amount of parking is available within the grounds, with the pay and display parking at Dean Street a short walk away. Please remember that use of the cemetery is subject to the Cemetery Rules and regulations.

Cemetery Opening Times:

  • October to March (inclusive) 8:30am – 4pm       
  • April to September (inclusive) 8:30am – 8pm

Full Burial applications must be submitted by the funeral director.

Ashes Interments can be arranged through a Funeral Director, or if you would prefer, the Town Council is able to organise the interment of cremated remains exclusively.

Memorial applications must be submitted by the stonemason on behalf of the grave owner. Forms are available upon request, from the Office.

Do not hesitate to contact the office if you should have any questions, to make a booking or wish to locate a grave space. 

Click here to read Marlow Town Councils Cemetery Rules and Regulations