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Marlow sets its sights on Buckinghamshire’s Best Kept Village Award

Calls on residents to support the effort

Marlow is gearing up for the annual Buckinghamshire Best Kept Village Competition this year, aiming to present itself at its absolute best for judging between June 1st and mid-July.

The competition, established in 1957 under the guidance of Sir Francis Dashwood and the Local Councils’ Association, draws participants from villages and towns across Buckinghamshire looking to showcase their unique charm and character. The objective is to encourage entrants to work together as a community, involving all age groups, to make villages and towns more attractive places for residents and for visitors.

Marlow Town Council has set its sights on victory after narrowly missing out on the top prize in recent years, and its dedicated team has been hard at work to present the town at its most beautiful. Key areas for competition marking are the cemetery, May Balfour Gardens, The Causeway and Gossmore Park, so they are getting particular attention, along with the floral displays around the town. A high standard of general maintenance is also important.

To ensure success, Marlow Town Council is calling upon all residents to pitch in and help with litter picking, tidying up outside pubs and restaurants, and weeding around premises and houses. Every small effort contributes to the overall presentation of the town.

“We’re looking forward to showing the judges just how beautiful Marlow can be,” says Cllr David Brown, Mayor of Marlow. “With everyone’s participation, we’re confident we can make a strong impression this year.”