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Marlow’s Mayor

Marlow’s Mayor for 2022/2023 is Councillor Richard Scott.

Role of Mayor

The Mayor is the First Citizen of Marlow, giving precedence only to Royalty and the Queen’s representative (Lord Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire or his Deputy Lieutenant). As First Citizen, the Mayor acts as a focal point, particularly in times of crisis, celebration or tragedy.

Being Mayor of Marlow is a demanding role with upwards of over 100 engagements per year on average. Engagements are principally undertaken by the Mayor, but the Deputy Mayor and Past town Mayors attend a number of events on behalf of the Mayor, particularly at busy times.

The Mayor can use his/her position to stimulate community pride and promote the voluntary sector. The Mayor is also the symbol of an open society as historically the position of Mayor was once only open to the privileged few but the Mayor now reflects the diversity of the more open and democratic society and can come from any class, gender or ethnic background.

The Mayor is in the public spotlight more than any other person in the Council. As the role is non-political, the Mayor can often reach places and people that other politicians may not be able to and therefore has an important role in representing the Council and the residents of Marlow

Each year the Mayor selects a charity to support , as highlighted below,

Invite the Mayor

If you would like to invite the Mayor to your event please contact Jan Bailey, Mayor’s PA on:     01628 484024

Gail’s Opening 2022

The Mayor’s Charity

Mayor, Cllr Richard Scott  highlights his charity:

“Having talked to Cllr Chris Funnell about his charitable fund raising efforts during his Mayoral year I intend to continue to raise funds for the same cause.  Sadly, as we know, there are still issues in certain areas that need our help and one of those is the mental health issues facing some of our younger residents. It is quite clear that the work Chris has done in this area is a long term project.

I have therefore adopted this cause to be my Mayor’s Charity for the forthcoming year to support the work that has already been started.  We need to get practical help where it is required and I shall be liaising with the appropriate parties to ensure this is done. So please support this very worthy cause throughout my Mayoral year”

During this last year, the council registered a new charity – the Marlow Mayor’s Charity – to formalise its fundraising and it is this body that ultimately approves any donations. Thus any monies I raise this year will be added to the charity funds and the trustees will decide the recipients, which could of course be more than one.

Thank you
Cllr Richard Scott
Marlow Town Mayor

Donations are gratefully received, and can be made as follows:

  • Make a direct contribution to the Town Mayor’s charity account:   sort code 30-95-36, account number 03635900. Please be sure to put your name as a reference in order for me to acknowledge your kind donation.
  • Send a cheque made payable to: Town Mayor’s Charity Appeal to Jan Bailey, Marlow Town Council, Court Garden, Pound Lane, Marlow, Bucks SL7 2AG
  • Please contact for any further information