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Biodiversity and Nature

Marlow Town Council’s Pollinator Commitment

We are helping improve local biodiversity for the benefit of both pollinators and people.
To create safe flower rich spaces for pollinators to thrive.

By implementing initiatives and making changes to how we protect, manage, use, and view our natural surroundings.

Our role is to help reclaim, enhance, protect, and better manage pollinator (bees, butterflies, moths and other insects), habitats and greenspaces we are responsible for, to help nature recover and improve our local biodiversity. We will make decisions that positively impact pollinators, ensure our residents understand the importance of our actions and provide opportunities for residents to make Marlow more pollinator friendly.

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Wild Verges Map

Phase I – Selection Strategy

  • Highly visible large areas
  • Not habitually walked over or parked on
  • Not directly in front of houses
  • Longer strips to increase the nature corridor

Cutting Regime

  • Spring / Summer 2023 – 3 cuts
  • Spring / Summer 2024 – 2 cuts
  • Spring / Summer 2025 – 1 cut

Phase II – ( coming soon )

  • Extend and create more corridors where possible
  • Add unused green spaces
  • Wild ‘green’ residential pilot
  • Raise mower blade for all verges to allow daisies and dandelions to survive a cut
  • Work with schools, Bucks, Red Kite and neighbouring parishes to create corridors

Wild Verges Progression

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