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Sustainable Marlow challenge

The BIG Sustainable Marlow Challenge encourages simple steps towards greener lifestyles, helping Marlow to reduce its carbon emissions and help nature. Join our eco-missions and be part of the Challenge!

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Why Marlow needs this challenge

We love our town, and we want the best for our children and their future. Achieving net zero carbon emissions is a big step, and although government and major companies must lead, we as a community can also act from the bottom up.

The BIG Sustainable Marlow Challenge will help us to do that. Let’s all come together make it something we can be proud of.

What are the eco-missions ?

The eco-missions are the core of the challenge !

Save energy at home

Our homes produce up to a fifth of total UK carbon emissions, and heating and lighting now costs the average Marlow household £3,500 per year! Head over to the Marlow Energy Group gurus. They’re here to help you find ways to save money and cut energy costs without compromising your cosy winter.

Top Tips for saving home energy

Reduce waste

We all consume and throw away too much stuff. To reduce our material and carbon footprints we need to use less, make what we have last longer, and recycle more. We are lucky to have the Marlow Repair Cafe, showing the way to keep more things out of the bin.

Top Tips for reducing waste

Walk and cycle more

Active travel is the foundation of sustainable transport – good for the planet, good for our health and good for community. Some great groups in Marlow are here to help you multiply those steps, including Living Streets Marlow and Buckinghamshire Council’s Simply Walk scheme.

Top Tips for walking and cycling more

Switch to an electric car

Most families in Marlow need a car, but the fossil-fuelled variety has no future, so get with the programme, and, when you’re ready to switch, choose electric. The Marlow Electric Vehicles Facebook group is ready to speed your journey with tips and peer support.

Top Tips for going electric

Help nature

Without biodiversity our world would be a sadder place, and we would have almost no food (it turns out those bees and other pollinators are quite important). Help is at hand via our great local group Wild Marlow. Or if you fancy planting a tree in your garden this winter visit Releaf Marlow.

Top Tips for helping nature

The council’s role

The Council is committed to the best environmental supervision. It adopted a new environmental policy in 2019 as well as a sustainability vision statement. It has measured its own carbon footprint and taken steps to reduce its own carbon emissions and other environmental impacts.

The Council launched its Sustainable Marlow programme in 2019, including projects aimed at reducing single-use plastic bottles, engaging Marlow schools in sustainability, and planting more trees.

The Challenge marks the next evolution in the Council’s sustainability work, targeting all residents in Marlow. Alongside the Challenge, the Council will continue to improve its own environmental performance and to fully consider sustainability in its policy decisions.

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