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Top Tips for going electric

Road transport is the largest single contributor to UK carbon dioxide emissions as well as a major source of air pollution. By going electric you can accelerate Marlow’s transition to net zero carbon, and cut air pollution too.

Choose well

  • Think about the kind of electric vehicle that would suit you. Are you ready for an all-electric battery electric vehicle (BEV), or do you also want to consider, plug-in a hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), or non plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (HEV)?
  • Consider how you use a vehicle, and what features are most important to you, including range, performance, charging speed and fuel savings
  • Consider your options for charging. Home charging is most convenient and cost-effective but not everyone has the option
  • Look at different purchase options. Switching to an electric vehicle doesn’t have to come with a large up-front cost, there are a variety of ownership options so check out what’s on the market

Use well

  • Charging at home is not only convenient but also most cost-effective, whether it’s from a standard 3-pin plug or home electric charger
  • Slow down your pace of life and keep to 65mph on motorways to get maximum range from your electric vehicle on long journeys
  • The cheapest way to charge your electric vehicle is always at home, so make use of the “off peak / time of use” tariff’s available from certain electricity providers.
  • Keep your battery in tip top state by only charging to 80% for regular day to day use, only max out at 100% if you are really intending on going on a long journey

Find out more

  • There are lots of online resources, but a good, local place to ask questions is the friendly Marlow Electric Vehicles group on Facebook