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The BIG Sustainable Marlow Challenge

Marlow Town Council is launching a community engagement project to encourage greener living, while also looking after our money and health and strengthening our community.

The BIG Sustainable Marlow Challenge sets all residents five “eco-missions”. These are:

  • Saving energy at home
  • Reducing waste
  • Walking and cycling more
  • Switching to an electric car
  • Helping nature

The Challenge will showcase simple, as well as more ambitious, ways that everyone can take action for sustainability. The Council will gather and share residents’ positive experiences, highlighting good practice that others can copy. It is hoped that the whole town will embrace the project and make Marlow a leader in local sustainability.

The programme will be supported by a number of local community groups that are passionate about the environment, and will raise awareness of their sustainability projects.

Jocelyn Towns, Deputy Mayor and Chair of the Council’s Environment Committee said: “The Challenge will encourage people to come together and be part of creating a greener Marlow. If we all pull together, then we will see more sustainable habits grow and we’ll reach net zero more quickly.”

Kevin Ford, Head Teacher of Great Marlow School, said: “I am delighted to hear about the Big Sustainable Marlow Challenge and I look forward to encouraging the school children in Marlow to take part. I am certain the Challenge will be taken up by many children and staff.”

Olwen Elliott from Transition Town Marlow said: “We welcome this initiative to increase walking and cycling and are pleased that the Town Council is supportive. We look forward to finding and sharing positive stories about active travel in and around Marlow.”

Darren Anvoner, moderator of the Marlow Electric Vehicles Facebook group said: “Our group is proud to help fellow residents who want to transition away from combustion vehicles and delighted to be part of the Challenge.”