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Top Tips for walking and cycling more

Walking or cycling can help save you money, boost your mood, improve your health, strengthen community ties… and protect the planet, so there’s a lot to like. The challenge is to make active travel a more regular part of our everyday lives. Here are a few tips to help you take the first steps, or more steps!

  • Walk or cycle to your local shops. Maybe you can buy what you need locally without having to drive to an out-of-town megastore
  • Where it is safe, encourage your kids to walk or cycle to school. The “school run” is an enormous source of congestion and pollution in Marlow.
  • If you are isolated or unwell then walking in a group could help you both mentally or physically. A good place to start in Marlow could be by getting in touch with Buckinghamshire Simply Walk
  • If you are more confident or fit then there are several other local walking or cycling groups you could join, including Walking with Ange (Facebook group)
  • Build your confidence and safety to cycle on the roads by accessing training and making sure you are visible, including hi-vis clothing and good lighting