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Marlow Covid-19 Vaccination Service – Pharmacy at Globe Park

As we wait for the over 70’s NHS letters to arrive through the post, we wanted to remind you that there are two ways that you can book your appointment. You will either be contacted by your GP surgery or you will receive a letter through the post from NHS.

In some situations, you will receive both, but don’t worry, you have the choice.

You can either attend an appointment booked by your GP (in Marlow this would be at Adams Park, High Wycombe) or you can select a clinic of your choice when you book by telephone or internet from the details provided on the NHS letter (this could be the Marlow Covid-19 Service at Globe Park).


  1. Wait to be contacted (either by NHS letter or GP). Please don’t try to book your appointment beforehand.
  2. Please only book one appointment (even if you receive communications from both the NHS and GP) so others have a chance to get vaccinated. If you change your mind, please remember to cancel the appointment you will not be attending.
  3. Please attend your booked appointment. If you don’t turn up, someone else could have had their vaccine at that time.