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Drinking Water Consumption

Provision of high quality drinking water is associated with many environmental impacts, from lowering of water tables, construction of reservoirs, building and maintaining a massive distribution system. All drinking water consumed eventually has to be treated at sewage treatment works, which continue to cause significant pollution incidents across the country.

Average drinking water consumption in Marlow in the year to 1 April 2019 was 163 litres per person per day, down by an insignificant 0.4% on the previous year. Average consumption in Marlow was about 16% higher than the average for England & Wales.

Domestic water consumption is strongly influenced by weather so single year changes don’t necessarily reflect underlying change. However, per-person consumption in Marlow has been roughly stable for five years, so there is no sign of any trend towards more efficient usage.

Daily consumption per person in Marlow the year to April 2019 was significantly lower in households with water meters (145 litres/person/day) than in households without (190 litres/person/day).

The data for water consumption in Marlow were supplied by Thames Water via a freedom of information request. The figure for average daily consumption across England & Wales is drawn from a consultancy report published by the water industry regulator Ofwat which you can read more about by clicking on the link below:

The geographical area covered is the built-up area of Marlow, excluding Marlow Bottom.

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