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The advice given from our insurers in respect of volunteers working on Town Council land is as follows:-

  • The Town Council must be advised in advance of when volunteers will be working each and every time
  • Accidents must be reported immediately to the Town Council
  • Volunteers should not work with dangerous or hazardous substances or equipment, burn waste, use chemicals or fell or lop trees
  • Under 18’s may volunteer but on condition that a responsible adult supervises them at all times (this does not have to be Town Council employee)
  • Names of volunteers under age 18 must be recorded and given to the Town Council
  • Volunteers should ideally use tools and equipment provided by the Town Council
  • Protective clothing should be provided by the Town Council if necessary
  • Volunteers must wear clothing / footwear fit for purpose – in the case of under 18s the responsible adult must ensure that this is the case
  • The responsible adult and or volunteer co-ordinator must be briefed and made fully aware of their supervisory responsibilities and ensure that all volunteers are fully aware of all the conditions outlined above

K Joy