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Pollinator Policy

In support of Wild Marlow’s work to encourage pollinators

  1. The Town Council shall use its status as consultee for planning applications with due regard to the positive and negative effects any future developments pose to the environment.
  2. Where direct control of land management does not exist the Town Council will use its role to influence local agencies/ landowners, places of worship, community growing groups, allotments etc. to adopt the same approach to the management of their land.
  3. The Town Council will use the pollinator policy to support further trial areas for the non-spraying of glyphosate on ‘weeds’ and actively work with the Highways department and Wild Marlow to suggest sites for these trials.
  4. The pollinator policy will become the umbrella under which community groups and agencies will work with the Town Council on a unified approach to the strategic aims of Sustainable Marlow and Wild Marlow.