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Health and Safety Policy



This document has been compiled to provide information and guidance to all employees on this Council’s Health & Safety Policy and organizational arrangements for implementation of that Policy. In addition, here are Codes of Practice for certain working areas within the Council’s control.


1.1 It is the policy of this Council to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, plant, equipment and systems of work for all its employees, and to provide such information, training and supervision as they need for this purpose. We also accept our responsibility for the health and safety of other people who may be affected by our activities.
1.2 The allocation of duties for safety matters and the particular arrangements which we will make to implement the policy are set out below.
1.3 The policy will be kept up to date and reviewed on an annual basis.


  1. Overall Responsibility
    The Town Clerk has overall and final responsibility for ensuring:-
    a) the provision and implementation of the Health & Safety Policy, and
    b) its annual review.
  2. Delegated Responsibilities within the Council
    2.1 The Amenities Supervisor, to whom the second line health and safety supervision has been delegated, will be responsible to the Town Clerk for the day-to-day supervision within his defined area of responsibility and, in particular, for:-
    a) establishing, in consultation with the Town Clerk, safe systems of work and procedures for carrying out the Council’s Safety Policy incorporating any Regulations approved Codes of Practice and other
    relevant legislation.
    b) to ensure that safe working procedures and safe systems of work are implemented by manual work staff and that a safe working environment is provided for them.
    c) ensuring that all manual employees under his control received adequate training information and supervision to maintain safe standards.
    2.2 In addition, the Amenities Supervisor will be responsible for:-
    a) maintaining safe working practices in order to achieve maximum safety.
    b) ensuring adequate safety supervision and training where required, in particular, where young and inexperienced workers are concerned.
    c) ensuring that all safety rules are observed and that protective clothing and equipment is worn or used where required.
    d) ensuring that all machinery and equipment is properly maintained and safe to use and that guards are in position.
    2.3 All employees have the responsibility to co-operate with their Supervisor and Line Manager to achieve a healthy and safe workplace and to take reasonable care of themselves and others.
    2.4 All Council employees are required to:-
    a) make themselves familiar with and conform to the Council’s Health & Safety Policy.
    b) observe safety rules at all times.
    c) where required, wear protective clothing and use appropriate safety devices provided.
    d) report to their immediate Supervisor all accidents, injuries to persons and damage to vehicles, plant and equipment.
    e) Know the location of first-aid facilities. Manual staff are expected to carry a first-aid box in their vehicle at all times.
    f) Report all safety hazards as a matter of urgency to their immediate Supervisor.
    g) Know what to do in the case of fire or other emergency and the location of fire-fighting equipment.
    h) Maintain good housekeeping at all times.
    i) Observe safe standards of behaviour and dress.
    j) Not enter into any kind of horseplay or practical joking.
    2.5 It is the policy of this Council that all employees shall receive training in all safety aspects of their occupation, and instructions shall be given to this purpose.
    2.6 It shall be the duty of all staff to carry out a visual safety inspection of plant and equipment prior to using such machinery.
    2.7 It shall be the responsibility of the Technical Supervisor to investigate all accidents and to submit a full report to the Town Clerk who, in turn, will issue instructions to ensure that these do not continue and, where appropriate, make recommendations to the Finance, Services and Administration Committee on accident prevention.
    2.8 It shall be the responsibility of the Technical Supervisor to monitor the maintenance of all plant and equipment and to submit an annual report for consideration by the Finance, Services and Administration Committee on obsolete machinery.


  1. First Aid
    1.1 The first-aid box is located in the Town Council Offices, Court Garden, Pound Lane. The Deputy Town Clerk is responsible for carrying out regular checks to ensure the contents are adequately maintained.
    1.2 First-aid boxes are also located at the Town Council’s shed at Foxes Piece Allotment Site, and in the changing rooms at Gossmore Lane Recreation Ground, and at the Cemetery Chapel. A first-aid box is also provided in the Town Council’s Van.
  2. Accidents, injuries and Dangerous Occurrences
    2.1 It shall be the responsibility of the Town Clerk/Deputy Town Clerk to record all incidents in the Accident Book and to report those injuries, diseases and other Dangerous Occurrences to the Health & Safety Executive on the appropriate form.
    2.2 The Accident Book is located in the Town Council Offices, Court Garden, Pound Lane, Marlow.

  3. Escape Routes
    It shall be the responsibility of the Town Clerk to see the escape route, staircase and passage-way are kept clear at all times.
  4. Fire Extinguishers
    4.1 It shall be the responsibility of the Amenities Supervisor to organize annual inspections of the fire extinguisher on the Council’s premises.
    4.2 The maintenance company responsible for carrying out these inspections is Chubb Fire Ltd., Local Business Centre, Unit 9, Bilton Industrial Estate, Lovelace Road, Bracknell RG12 8YT.
  5. Fire Alarms
    5.1.1 All employees are responsible for ensuring that they are conversant with the Town Council’s evacuation procedure.
    5.1.2 The fire alarm is tested on behalf of Wycombe District Council, by the occupants of Court Garden Leisure Centre, generally on a weekly basis.
  6. Advice and Consultancy
    The Local Inspector’s Office and telephone number are:-
    Health & Safety Executive,
    Priestley House, Priestly Road,
    Basingstoke, Hants, RG24 9MW Tel: 01256 404000.
  7. Training
    7.1 It shall be the duty of the Town Clerk to issue all newly appointed staff with a personal copy of Marlow Town Council’s Health & Safety Policy and such supplements as are applicable to his/her duties and responsibilities.
    7.2 It shall be the responsibility of the Amenities Supervisor to ensure that all new manual staff receive adequate training in all safety aspects of their occupation and, in particular, the use of strimmers, blowers, hedge trimmers and other dangerous machinery.
  8. Contractors and Visitors
    8.1 Where Contractors and Sub-Contractors are engaged by the Town Council,
    they must maintain effective control of themselves and those working under
    them, so as to ensure that they comply with the responsibilities and duties
    under the Health & Safety at Work Etc. Act 1974 and all current Health &
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    Safety legislation. Contractors must provide a written Risk Assessment of
    their intended work.
    8.2 The Town Council shall ensure that those not in employment of the Council,
    including the general public, are not knowingly exposed to risk to their safety
    or health when on the Council’s premises.
  9. Supplements to Safety Policy Statement
    Copies of any other specific information, instructions and procedures
    concerning health and safety contained in local codes of practice and safe
    working procedures will be kept in the Town Council Office.