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Environment Policy

July 2019

 The Town Council will:

  1. Comply with relevant environmental legislation
  2. Aim to improve its own environmental performance over time, focusing on:
    1. ​Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality
    1. Reducing energy use and, if possible, increasing use of renewable energy sources
    1. Ensuring responsible consumption of water
    1. Reducing waste and increasing recycling
    1. ​Selecting goods and services which appear to be least damaging to the environment and working with suppliers to improve sustainability
  3. Raise awareness of the importance of protecting and improving the environment within the town and, as opportunities arise, further afield.
  4. Monitor and report on the environmental performance of the town.
  5. Work with others, where it can, to take action, focusing on the areas listed under (2). Do this by encouraging, supporting, coordinating and influencing. Safeguard heritage, habitat and promote biodiversity in the town