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Climate Change Statement

March 2020

In view of widespread public concern about climate change and the UK government’s policy of achieving net zero emissions by 2050, Marlow Town Council:

  • Recognises that climate change driven by human activities necessitates a world-wide transition to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions as quickly as possible
  • Agrees that all parts of society, including all levels of government, need to play a part in reducing emissions and adapting to unavoidable climate change
  • Notes that while the town council’s direct powers relevant to climate change are limited, it can still play a role, for example through community engagement, coordinating environmental projects and as a statutory planning consultee
  • Determines to give due consideration to climate change in all its decisions
  • Pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the council’s operational emissions to net zero as quickly as possible
  • Resolves to work with Marlow residents, businesses and community groups to build a broadly supported vision for making Marlow a net zero carbon town