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Town Twinning

Marlow is proud to be twinned with Budavar (Hungary) and Marly-Le-Roi (France).

Marlow and Budavar – Twinned By Bridges

In November 2007 a formal twinning agreement was signed by the Mayors of Budavár and Marlow. In December the Marlow Budavár Town Twinning Association sprang to life. Its aim is to encourage friendship between the inhabitants and the social, sporting and cultural organisations of Marlow and Budavár. In addition, the Association organises events in Marlow with a Hungarian ‘flavour’ and arranges exchange visits between Marlovians and Budavárians.

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Marlow and Marly-Le-Roi

In 2011 it was felt that the name Marlow Town Twinning organisation should embrace both the Budavar and Marly-le Roi sections of the Association. Therefore at the 2012 MTTA AGM, the membership agreed that the Marly-le-Roi section of the Twinning Association should become MMTTA Marlow / Marly-le-Roi Town Twinning Association.

More information, provided by the Town Twinning Association can be found here