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Improving The Causeway for residents and visitors

Marlow Town Council is planning to improve one of the most popular parts of the town — The Causeway, close to Marlow Bridge. The aim is to create an area that ‘serves the community better.’

Mayor Richard Scott said: “The area around The Causeway has had the same configuration for many years and represents a landmark in the town. However there are not many seating areas, spreading tree branches use up space and flagpole guy ropes extend over a large area, creating a tripping hazard and limiting walking space.

“Recently the local market has been using more of the area and it has become apparent that people do enjoy this space. However, it is not easy to manoeuvre around or to rest — and the benches all face the road, rather than the memorial. We would like to create more space for people to reflect on the war memorial, enjoy the Frohman Statue and take shade under the trees.”

The Council plans to resurface and level the grassed area, repositioning the flagpole to allow for greater use of the lawn. The current flagpole will be replaced with a single pole with no guy ropes, situated closer to the war memorial. It will be able to fly two flags.

Trees will be lightly trimmed to lift low hanging branches and most of the benches will be turned inwards, allowing people to enjoy the area rather than face the traffic.

Overall, there will not be a significant visual change but the Council hopes the plans will enable better use of The Causeway. The final plan will be confirmed following internal and external consultation.

A photo of the area is included here. Residents are encouraged to send their thoughts on the proposed changes to the Causeway by email to by Friday March 31st.