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Marlow Medical Group

Covid Vaccination Update – 26 March 2021

Since my last update Marlow Medical Group (MMG) and our network of practices have been able to administer a further 2250 vaccinations with our highest ever number of vaccinations in a single day on our 19 March 2021 clinic.

Since starting to run vaccination clinics on 7 January 2021 we have now been able to vaccinate an amazing 21769 residents including residents and staff who are in care homes or housebound.  

We are really pleased to be running our first 2nd vaccination clinic on Sunday 28 March at Adams Park Stadium and we are planning 2nd vaccination clinics for Care Home and Housebound residents.

We are also running a clinic on Thursday 1 April at Adams Park which will focus on residents in Group 7-9 and follow up with residents in Groups 1-6 who have not yet had a vaccination.

As I am sure you have all seen in the news vaccine supply in April for first doses will be significantly reduced and we will mainly be receiving vaccine to honour 2nd vaccination clinics .  We expect there to be a slowdown in our ability to offer 1st vaccination clinics during April and I will continue to publicise any clinics we are able to run.

If you are a resident in Groups 1-9 we appreciate your patience if you haven’t yet received an invite as we try not to over-invite for each clinic otherwise residents are not able to book via the link when a clinic is full.

To enable us to focus on running the vaccination programme we kindly ask that you don’t call the surgery unless absolutely necessary.  We will contact you via text or phone call.

A person’s Covid status has been determined by Public Health England not your GP.  We are strictly following government group guidelines.…/why-you-have-to-wait-for-your…

We continue to be grateful for the amazing support of our fantastic team of staff and volunteers who do this in addition to offering our normal services.  

We would also like to say a huge thank you to the many companies, community groups and residents who continue to send us an amazing array of goodies.  We are all really grateful for your support and for the lovely thank you messages posted to us on Facebook and sent to our surgeries.