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Marlow Town Council prepares to open the town

Preparations for the safe opening of Marlow town centre are well under way, according to Marlow Town Council.

This week the Council, in cooperation with Transport for Bucks, will install additional pedestrian crossing points as well as ‘20 is Plenty’ signage throughout the centre of town to encourage drivers to slow down.

As shops start to reopen, a number of other steps are planned for the High Street. Richard Scott, Town Mayor, said: “We want Marlow to open with the maximum safety precautions in place, and we’re hoping these measures will encourage people to visit the town and use its facilities again.”

In addition, the Council has permission to suspend two parking bays in the High Street for two new bike racks and is exploring funding sources for these with Buckinghamshire Council (BC).

Parking bays

In response to guidance from BC regarding pavements that are too narrow for safe social distancing — particularly relevant in a Victorian town like Marlow — two parking bays at the bottom of the High Street have been suspended so that pedestrians can pass at a safe distance. Permanent barriers will be installed this week.

The guidance from BC also suggests that a one-way flow for pedestrians should be considered in towns with narrow pavements. Marlow implemented its one-way system around two weeks ago, and Buckinghamshire Council is providing more signage in the town this week to ensure that instructions are clear.

Full guidance is available here