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Banner Policy – High street and Spittal Street Advertising


The purpose of this policy is to make clear what kind of advertisement banners can and cannot be erected.  The Town Council is responsible for the banner locations in the High Street, and Spittal Street.  The Town Council administers and approves the application and then refers the applicant to the Town Council’s appointed Sub-Contractor.


This policy applies to all applications in either location in Marlow unless otherwise stated.

This policy covers who is permitted to have a banner, the wording, design and event detailed in the banner.  It also details the size and material used for the banner.  It does not cover the actual erecting of the banner.  This is covered by the Town Council’s appointed Sub-Contractor.


  • All events organised by voluntary organisations in Marlow or benefiting the residents of the town will take precedent and will be given priority where there is more than one application
  • Applications for events taking place in the surrounding area i.e. Bisham and Longridge will be considered on a case by case basis
  • Applications from businesses or schools will be considered on a case by case basis and must be promoting an event e.g. a launch or open day
  • Banner applications from a business detailing a general promotion e.g. a Christmas menu or a sale will be considered on a case by case basis
  • Applications for personal events such as birthdays or anniversaries will not be considered
  • Marlow Town Council has the right to refuse a banner application without justification
  • Banners may remain in situ for a maximum period of two weeks.  Multiple bookings will be considered on a case by case basis but are not permitted consecutively


  • The banner shall only be used for advertising local events, and will contain no language or information that is defamatory, discriminatory, offensive, misleading, or detrimental to public order and safety
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide the banner which must adhere to the Minimum Standards as set out in 9. of this policy
  • Banners not meeting the Minimum Standards may be subject to refusal by the Town Council or their nominated Sub-Contractor.  In this instance fees will not be refunded


  • Applications should be received a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the proposed erection date (6 weeks before the event)
  • The Town Council will check the diary and determine if there is space
  • When the booking is approved, applicants will be directed to the Council’s Sub-Contractor to arrange for the inspection and erection of the banner
  • All banners must be approved by Marlow Town Council or their appointed Sub-Contractor prior to them being erected at least two weeks prior to the erection date
  • No bookings are permitted in the High Street between 1st November and 15th January

6.         FEES

The Town Council charges an administration fee for processing the application.  The fee must be sent with the application.  If the application is refused due to insufficient space, the fee will be refunded. 

  • Voluntary groups                    £21.60 inc VAT
  • Local Authority/School       £43.20 inc VAT
  • Business                                 £86.40 inc VAT

These fees apply to a single booking of between 1 – 2 weeks in duration.  Repeat fees will apply for multiple bookings

Payment may be made via the GOV.Pay website using the link below

If you would like to pay by BACS please contact the Town Council office for banking details.

If a booking is cancelled by the applicant, then a fee refund will be issued according to the scale below.

  • Up to 1 month before – 100%
  • Between 4 and 2 weeks – 50%
  • Less than 2 weeks – no refund

If a booking is cancelled by Marlow Town Council then the full fee will be refunded.

7.         CONTACTS

Marlow Town Council, Court Garden, Marlow, Bucks SL7 2AG

01628 484024


This policy will be reviewed annually or as required.


All banners must:-

  • use adequately sealed seams top and bottom to create sleeves for the rope to thread through
  • have rope bonded into the sleeves which is 10mm diameter – leaving 1m of free attachment rope at each end of the banner
  • be no larger than 6m wide and 1m high
  • be made using PVC material at least 520gsm thick
  • be adequately vented top and bottom

This specification is the Town Council’s minimum standard for a cross street banner; failure to meet these standards may result in your banner being rejected

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   (for illustrative purposes only – not to scale)

Adopted by Council: 18th October 2011

Date Reviewed 28.01.2020