The Town Council's Vision for Marlow

Unusually for a small town, we have in place far-seeing plans to ensure Marlow's future.  We launched our Vision for Marlow in May 2012 following consultations with residents, businesses and local organisations and have since been working hard to achieve its objectives. The Mayor Jocelyn Towns presented an update to this Vision in May 2017.  

The most important aim of our Vision is to make Marlow the most attractive and vibrant riverside town in the Thames Valley.   We've created a living, flexible plan which addresses all the key areas affecting the town over a ten-year period, and we're proud that a number of the ambitions expressed in the Vision have already been completed or are under way. 

There are ten themes addressed by the Vision.  You can find more information by using the drop down menu above.

The Vision for Marlow document and the update in 2017 can be found here and here 

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