On-street parking in Marlow – we don’t want meters!

You’ve probably noticed our campaign to say NO to paid-for parking in Marlow town centre. This involves installing parking meters along the High Street and nearby roads (though Bucks County Council fails to make this clear). We believe Marlow is thriving in part because we don’t have restrictive parking in the centre, and we’re fighting to get this plan overturned, as are many residents and visitors – 7,500 signed our petition to say NO to town centre parking charges.

But the petition wasn’t enough. For a proper consultation, everyone needs to say WHY we don’t want this plan. So can I ask all of you, please, to do your bit for Marlow by completing the parking consultation on the BCC website? Please make sure you complete the questions and fill in the free form box with your comments, giving your reasons WHY we don’t want paid for parking on the High Street and surrounding roads. 

BCC has included in its consultation the much-needed yellow lines on corners, which don’t in fact need consultation as they are considered ‘health and safety’ measures and would go through anyway, but they have also included yellow lines on some residential roads.  Please make sure you make your views known on yellow lines as well.  It is important to note that when you complete the online survey that there is only a yes or no option for yellow lines in certain areas in Marlow.  If you have a comment on specific yellow line areas that comment must be made in the comments box on the previous page.

The report commissioned by them to give the reasons for ‘better enforcement’ - meaning parking meters, though it’s not made clear - was conducted in the quietest week of the summer holidays, which contravenes all recommendations for a traffic survey! 

The real reason that BCC is doing this is to raise much-needed money to put against their transport deficit - but of course that isn’t mentioned!

Here is the link: https://democracy.buckscc.gov.uk/mgConsultationDisplay.aspx?ID=5348

Please have your say to protect our town.

Mayor Jocelyn Towns



December 2017

I did it, I ran all the way, and came in slightly faster than last year at 36 mins, which was the same as my first year in the Santa Fun Run.  It was a great run, a great event, and a great amount raised (though still time for more sponsorship!) for Rotary and Macmillan Cancer Support, so thank you everyone for your support and for being so generous.  I looked like a drowned rat at the finish as the weather was less than friendly but all fine now!!!

If you wish to support my charity, Macmillan Cancer Support this is the Just Giving link www.justgiving.com/fundraising/jocelyn-towns1




November 2017

Well it’s been a busy old three months!  So why busy?  What’s involved with being the Mayor of the Town, I hear you say ….

A lot goes on behind the scenes in running a town and I work closely with the Town Clerk to satisfy the many demands of Council work.  As well as the civic part of the role I am also the Chairman of the Council.  Whereas at Wycombe District Council (WDC) there is a Mayor, a Leader and a Chairman, in Marlow we only have the Mayor - so currently it’s just me trying to make a difference in all that I do. 

As you will remember Marlow Bridge was closed this time last year for a number of weeks, causing quite an impact on the High Street. This year we are threatened with paid-for parking in the High Street and surrounding roads. The Chamber, the Marlow Society, the Town Council are all against this happening in the town and are working hard to try and stop it. Thank you for signing the petition; it closed on Tuesday 14th Nov with a total of 5263 signatures and over 2000 on the paper petition, so a great result. The next step is Bucks County Council (BCC) will issue a consultation in which you can have your say, so please be sure to respond when it’s announced. This is the only opportunity we have to make our feelings felt and it gives us the chance to input more than we could with a petition – so please look out for it, details will be on the MTC website.

We are so lucky to live in such a lovely, vibrant and buzzy town, with a real café culture. It’s a place people come to shop, have lunch, meet friends and go for walks, or to just go about their day to day activities. The town works and is the envy of many around us who have had meters introduced – resulting in closed shops and empty high streets.  We don’t want that!

The charity I am supporting this year is Macmillan Cancer Support – so mad though I may be, I will be running in the Santa Fun Run on 3rd December.  If you see me, give me a shout as I will need all the encouragement I can get, especially as my training programme has slipped somewhat!  It would also be lovely if you would sponsor me; all you have to do is go to my Just Giving page https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/jocelyn-towns1 Thank you for your support.

Mayor Jocelyn Towns



July 2017


Well here I am again, four years on! I am delighted to have been voted in again as your Town Mayor - it is truly an honour to be given the opportunity to serve Marlow for a third term. Representing our splendid community is a duty I take seriously and enjoy in equal measure. 

This year I will focus on enabling our community to thrive and succeed and enhancing Marlow as a place to live, work and visit. Our revitalised 10-year Vision for Marlow underpins this and gives us a platform from which we can support everyone who loves, supports and contributes to our community. The Vision addresses ten key themes related to our town and is available on this website - please do take a look and give us your feedback. Your thoughts, suggestions and ideas will help us grow and develop this ‘living document’. 

My chosen charity this year is the local branch of Macmillan Cancer Support and I look forward to working with Sally Carter, their representative. They do a fantastic job and touch the hearts and minds of many in our community. I welcome any ideas you may have for building increased awareness of this fantastic charity in Marlow.

One of my first jobs was the Mayor’s Civic Service, which has moved from the end of the term to the beginning. It was a great day do follow our Facebook page, where you can see your Town Mayor and Deputy Mayor joining in with the Morris Dancers - who put on a fantastic display for us.  https://www.facebook.com/MarlowTC/

More next month. In the meantime enjoy your holidays and I hope those waiting for exam results will not be disappointed!

Mayor Jocelyn Towns


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